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Strong Words on the Fed

“The Fed chairman may be appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate, but his real bosses are on Wall Street.” This isn’t the ranting of some crazed radical; it is a line from a column in the Washington Post’s Outlook section, by Richard Yamarone, an investment analyst.

While I probably never would have phrased it so bluntly, I think that Mr. Yamarone is largely correct. It is worth reflecting on this one. The interests of Wall Street investors are not necessarily the same as the interests of the public as a whole. For example, big wage increases, that come out of corporate profits, would be very welcome news to the vast majority of the population, since they depend on wages for the bulk of their income. Needless to say, lower profits are not welcome news on Wall Street.

The fact that we have an arm of the federal government that answers to the special interests on Wall Street, rather than the larger public, should be cause for concern in a democracy.


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